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Malaysian Housemanship Application 2012/2013 - Part 3 (SPA/KKM interview and KKM BMD induction registration)

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KKM housemenship interview details
The interview last month (8/8/2012) was held in SPA Putrajaya and were conducted fully by KKM staff. It is best to go there 1 hour before the indicated time as you need to collect an interview form, fill it up, put your passport photo and attach your documents before the interview. The order of the interview was based on 1st come, 1st serve basis, so if you hand up the form early, you'll be called into the room early. So if you don't plan to wait for a very long time (because each interview session comprises about 100+ medical graduates for the morning session and another 100+ for the afternoon session), do come early.

The interviewer consist of a doctor and a another KKM staff. Each interview, a group of 5 medical grads called into the room be interviewed at the same time by the doctor and KKM staff. There were only interview room last month. 

During my turn, they only ask two questions per student: 1) intro yourself and 2) where do you want to work and why?. The whole interview lasted only 15 minutes for my group of 5 medical graduates. So each student has about 2-3 minutes of talking time only. The atmosphere is very relaxing and it was more like a catching up session for them to know you better =D

KKM (This step can be taken before or after your interview)
Regarding the KKM borang maklumat diri (BMD) you can download this form here and post it to KKM OR go directly to KKM Putrajaya (Parcel E) to fill up the form. The KKM office provides forms, stationeries, and a huge table for you to complete the form and hand it up on the spot. 

After that, you're done and all you need to do is to wait for induction letter. 

Malaysian Housemanship Application 2012 - Part 2 (SPA online form and arrange for interview)

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This is the latest information regarding SPA Interview starting July 2012.


This step is much simpler than step 1.

Fill in the SPA8i online form after (or a few days before) going to MMC. SPA will take some time to confirm and verify your SPA8i application after you have applied online. Then, SPA will call you/or you can call them up to arrange for interview. SPA number is 03 88856338.

Make sure you already have the MMC letter and have registered the SPA8i form before arranging for the interview. When SPA call me up that day, they said that if you do not have the MMC letter, SPA will not schedule you up for interview.

Starting from July 2012, KKM will the one conducting the interviews, no longer SPA. SPA will only arrange for the interview. Interviews will only be held in Putrajaya (at SPA building) every Wednesday. Therefore, there will only be 1 interview day per week.

So when you have gotten the SPA8i done and interview date set, prepare for the interview and you're done with step 2.

Details of the interview and interview content will be posted later.

Malaysian Housemanship Application 2012 - Part 1 (How to apply for MMC)

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This post will be updated occasionally to add in new information

First, photocopy all the documents needed as mentioned in the MMC checklist and then make sure it is well certified (every page) according to their guidelines(photocopy and certify 4 copies for each documment, 1 copy for MMC and keep the other 3 copies for the other departments like SPA, JPA and KKM). Also, don't forget to get the RM20 postal order and fill in all the forms correctly (form 4, appendix form and the certification form). 

In one of the form, I think it is better to select the option for them to send the certification (not letter as the letter can be ready for collection the that day itself if the correct documents were correctly certified) to you by post as it will only be ready about 2 weeks later. You can opt for collection in person or someone else for you.

Next step is to submit the documents to MMC. This could be done either by Poslaju or you can go there directly.

Please double check and recheck every document before sending or going to MMC to avoid it from being rejected because the documents were incomplete or not properly certified.

This is MMC's address in case you plan to post the documments there:  
Majlis Perubatan Malaysia, Ground Floor, Block B, Jalan Cenderasari, 50590 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA

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How to get to MMC (Malaysian Medical Council) using public transport?
Take a KTM Komuter train from KL Sentral and alight at the next stop, KL Railway station. MMC is only about 10-15 mins walk away from the station. Once you arrived at KL railway station, take the underground pedestrian way to cross over to the other side which is the KTM building. It is easier and safer that way compared to crossing the road using the secluded and semi flooded underground pedestrian in front of the National Mosque.

I'm not sure if it is possible to walk from Pasar Seni LRT.

This is the front entrance. 

This is block B, the second block from the entrance. Take the stairs and walk down to the ground floor, where all the cars are parked. The office is on the left side of this block, there's a huge no smoking sign beside it. 

The ground floor. Health minister's carpark. haha

Before handing up your documents, make sure it is arranged according to this order. They did not asked for the original copy that day except you have to submit the original copy of the dean's letter together with the other documents (this is clearly stated in MMC's checklist).  

The waiting room, the place where you wait after handing up your documents and pray that all will go smoothly. When it has been approved, the officer will open the other door and call your name. MMC opens at 8am, and it is best to go in the morning so that the waiting time would be shorter.  

2 more to go…

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Jakarta Panorama1f

I’m done with anesthesiology, 2 more rotations to go before I finish my 5th year in medical school.

Food cooked with ♥

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IMG_2464 copy

Last Sunday, all the aunties in church worked together to cook 120 bowls of delicious bakmi(Indonesian egg noddles) for everyone in church.

 IMG_2478 copy

This is the best bakmi I’ve tasted not because it was cooked with a lot of lard and ingredients but lots of LOVE. haha

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